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Manual welding in Booth

Ideal solution for standalone Manual /SPM/Robotic welding operations having enclosed welding booths. Three different capacities 500CMH, 1000CMH & 2000 CMH standard capacity units are offered based on booth size and booth design. Higher capacity customized systems up to 24000 CMH capacity are also available. Individual units are best in conditions where plant layout changes frequently or where all the weld stations do not work together.

The fumes captured by the hood / pipe travel into the fume extractor placed near to the welding station. These fumes are filtered by high efficiency Electrostatic Filters and Clean air is discharged within the same environment.

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  • Flexibility of layout
  • Best part load efficiency
  • Very easy installations
  • No replacement of filters needed – cost saving, helps in environmental compliance.

Manual welding in Booth PRODUCTS


Suitable for – Welding Fumes Extraction for Welding Rotators (Single


Suitable for – Welding Fumes Extraction for Welding Rotators (Single