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welding fume extraction

FilterON has one of the most diverse range of products specially designed for variety of welding applications.Portable Fume Extractors, Localized Fume Extractors, Fume Extractors for welding SPM, fumes exhaust systems and Robotic applications. Centralized fume extraction systems to cover welding lines.Specialized through-torch welding fumes extractor systems.


Manual welding in Booth

Ideal solution for standalone Manual /SPM/Robotic welding operations having enclosed

Portable Fume Extractor

Portable Fume Extractors product is suitable for large size jobs where

Welding Rotators & SPMs

When there are a number of welding stations in the

Robotic Welding - Open type

Robotic Welding - Closed booth

FILTER-ON offers individual fume extractor systems for closed booth type

Welding Line with partitions