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Portable Fume Extractor

Portable Fume Extractors product is suitable for large size jobs where project or maintenance type of welding is carried out. The fume extractor has self-standing fume extraction arm with which the welder can place the suction hood just above the welding point. The fumes are extracted at source and filtered in electrostatic filter provided in the system to exhaust clean & filtered air within the same environment.

There is no need to have any extra ducting to exhaust the air out of the plant. Most suitable for areas like ship building fabrication shops, heavy engineering welding shops, Weld shops of Earth Moving equipment, Rail Coach building shops, Process industry fabrication shops, Maintenance & reconditioning workshops in mines etc.

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  • Flexible & Portable
  • Can be adopted for any welding operation
  • Plug and play type unit – no installation as such needed
  • No replacement of filters needed – cost saving,helps in environmental compliance.

Portable Fume Extractor PRODUCTS


Suitable for – Welding Fumes Extraction for Welding Rotators (Single


Model M-02/1200 (Portable Fume Extractor With Arms 3mtrs.)

Suitable for –