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Solder Fumes Extractor

welding fume extraction

This unit consists of a fan & electrostatic filter with Aluminium semi-rigid pipe for suction. The fumes are captured through the open end of pipe placed near to the fume generating point at a distance of 8-10”.

These fumes are filtered in High Voltage Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) type filter. The ESP can filter the fumes very efficiently as it has ability to filter submicron size particles. Also, unlike other media type filters it never requires any replacement. Since it is constructed out of Aluminium plates, it can be cleaned by water and used for years together and thus virtually eliminates the replacement cost.


  • Compact unit which covers 2 operators working side by side.
  • Can be placed below working table
  • Captures Toxic fumes and filters it to return Clean air within the same environment.
  • Efficient filtration of smoke & fumes.
  • No replacement cost
  • Very low power consumption of fan as compared to media filter (saving in long term power cost)
  • Cleaner, safer & thus more productive working environment
  • Better compliance for pollution control & ISO14000 requirements

These units can be easily placed below the work table and can cater to two stations placed side by side.

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Solder Fumes Extractor APPLICATION

Solder Fumes Extractor

This unit consists of a fan & electrostatic filter with