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Plasma Cutting Fumes

welding fume extraction

Plasma cutting generates very dense fumes and in huge quantity. Thus the system should be capable of filtering out high concentration fumes and also should be maintenance friendly

FILTER-ON offer Cartridge type Reverse pulsed jet fumes extractors for this application.

This system offer very high filtration efficiency which is essential to filter the fine submicron size particles in the cutting fumes. Also the reverse pulsed jet system ensures automatic cleaning of the filter cartridges making the system maintenance friendly.

The Fume Extraction table needs to have proper provision for extraction of the fumes. This involves separate sections of table controlled by automatic dampers which work as per torch operation. The fumes are extracted from the below the plate. Various capacities are available as per the size of the table and fume extraction arrangement. We also supply plasma cutting fume extractors, indoor air pollution systems, pollution control systems, residential air filters.


  • Extraction of fumes which are hazardous for the health of people working in the area.
  • Efficient filtration of the fumes – exhaust can be discharged within the shop
  • Almost maintenance free system because of automatic cleaning arrangement
  • Filter cartridge life - @18-24 months depending up on applications.

Plasma Cutting Fumes APPLICATION

Cartridge type auto cleaning system