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Suitable for – Welding Fumes Extraction for Welding Rotators (Single Torch), SPM or small welding booths (up to 4’X3’ size), EDM Fumes, Induction hardening Fumes, Heat Treatment Fumes (Induction Heating) Etc.

Technical Specification of M-02/1K
Model Details
Model Mo-02/1K
Air Flow 1000 CMH(600CFM)
Inlet Pipe Dia 150 - 1No.
Overall Size 930 (L) X 430 (W) X 760 (H)
Power Consumption 360 W (max)
Input Supply 230V 50Hz AC 1 PH
Sound Level 60-65 dB(*@1M from unit)
Weight 70 KG
Construction Details
Main Cabinet 16 G CRCA Powder Coated Sheets
Electrostatic Filter Cell Collector Electrodes - 22 G Aluminium
lozinor Electrodes - 16 G Stainless Steel Spiked Electrode
Side Tray - 16 G Aluminium
Insulators - PTFE (Teflon) for 12 KV
Glass Filled Polyster (GFP) for 6KV
Pre-filter GI Wire Mesh Media in MS Powder Coated channel frame
After Filter SISW centrifugal backward currved impeller with external rotor type motor.(2600 RPM)
Fan / Blower 360 W (max)
High Voltage Power IP 230 V AC, OP - 6K DC (Collector) &
12KV DC (ionizer)
Supply for ESP
Features Short circuit & Arcing Protection
Safety All accesws doors fitted with Safety Limit switches
Indications ESP ON, Blower ON
Switches ESP ON (MCB), Blower ON (Rotary Switch)
Optional Features
(On Demand)
  • 1. Interlocking with user Operation
  • 2. Remote Panel
  • 3. Tower Indiacator Lamp
  • 4. Stand with / without wheels
  • 5. Flexible Pipe 3M with hose clips(2 No.)
  • 6. Suction hood