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Kitchen Fumes - Dry scrubber

Filter-on ESP type Dry Scrubbers -

Filter-on Dry Scrubbers are designed with philosophy to offer Value for Money for Years to the Clients. So Perfromance & Durability are most important parameters which would define Filter-on's Dry Scrubbers. Offering the clients maximum collection surface area ensures optimum filtration efficiency and perfromance without compromises. Advanced features like SMPS type High Voltage Power supplies ensure Safety & Reliability. Heavy duty Cell construction will provide guanteed perfromance for much longer period of time significantly improving long term benefits for the users.

Filter-On Electrostatic Air Filtration systems / Dry Scrubbers / ESP scrubbers are very well geared up to cater to this challenge effectively. Electrostatic Air filters are ideal for any type of smoke, fumes & mist applications. 

Filter-On systems are

  • Heavy-duty Industrial type Dry Scrubbers which guarantee Performance & Durablity
  • Features like More collection Area per CFM, Higher thickness collection electrode plates provide unmatched value to the Clients as compared to other options.
  • UV Lights arrangement is offered as add-on accessory to control the bad smells / odors etc.

Filter-On systems are modular, thus there is large range of air flow capacities to choose from. Filter-on provides standard configurations form

2000 CMH to 96,000 CMH Air flow capacity (Packed as single unit)

We supply dry scrubbers (ESP type) for following kitchen fumes filtration in following industries


  • Hotels, Malls
  • Industrial canteens
  • Hospitals
  • Hostels
  • IT & Software industries

Kitchen Fumes - Dry scrubber PRODUCTS

M-03 with Blower Series

Suitable for – Welding Fumes Extraction for Robotic Welding