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Electrostatic Air Filtration

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Common problem faced in Conventional HVAC systems

  • Present users of conventional clean room HVAC systems invariably face the following limitations.
  • Inefficient pre-filtration
  • Excessive Choking of HEPA Filters
  • Higher Power Consumption
  • Frequent filter replacement
  • Downtime losses
  • Problem of maintaining Particle count
  • Risk of multiplying bio-load

The most innovative and effective solution to overcome the limitations of conventional clean room HVAC systems is to use Filter On Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) type Filtration Systems.

The Perfect Solution

The technology is based on the principle of two stage electrostatic air filtration. Fine sub-micron suspended particles are electrostatically charged using high-voltage electric field, which then get attracted and precipitated on opposite charged electrode plates.

Technological advantages :

  • Filtration efficiency

Filter On Electrostatic Filtration Systems offer high efficiency even for small submicron particles which form the maximum percentage of floating and suspended particles in air. The efficiency of ESP is equivalent to or rather better than EU9 grade filters.

  • Lowest pressure drop

As compared to any type of filter having EU9 equivalent filtration efficiency, ESP offers very low pressure drop i.e. only 6-12 mm WG.

  • No-Replacement filter

Since ESP is made of Aluminum plate electrodes, it never requires any replacement over the lifetime (15-20 years). It only requires periodic cleaning. So, no replacement costs at all.

Installations of Filter On Electrostatic filtration systems

Filter On M-03 model of required capacity can be introduced as a pre-filteration unit either at fresh air intake end or can be attached to the AHU in the mixing chamber.

Benefits of ESP installation in Clean Room HVAC Systems :
  • Improvement in particle count.
  • Reduction in bio-load inside the clean room.
  • Power saving in blower, as well as Air-conditioning system.
  • Reduction in downtime for filter replacements.
  • Reduction in cooling coil maintenance.
  • HEPA filter life can be enhanced by upto 3 to 4 times.
  • Zero replacement cast of prefilters.
Application areas of Filter On Filtration Systems
  • Fresh Air AHUs
  • Clean Rooms
  • Clean Air Pressurization systems
  • Humidification plants

Electrostatic Air Filtration APPLICATION

Pre-filtration in Clean Room systems

Intake Air filtration for dust free zones

Intake air filtration of Equipments (Compressors / DG sets etc.)