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EDM fume extractors

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EDM Machines generate fumes and smoke as the oil in the oil bath burns during sparking. This causes a lot of nuisance and health risk to the people working in the area. Filter On Electrostatic oil mist collectors offer best solution for controlling oil fumes in EDM operation. The system works on the principle of charging the fine smoke particles generated in EDM process and then attracting such charged particles on opposite polarity electrode plates. These particles are deposited on the plate surface, which can periodically be cleaned and used repeatedly for years. Thus it does not have any replacement cost. Also, because of very low pressure drop, the power required for these units is very low compared with any media type filters.

Thus you can effectively and economically address the problem of oil fumes in your machine shops. This system gives multiple benefits like clean and healthy working environment for people working in the area, avoiding nuisance to operators which affects their productivity.

EDM fume extractors APPLICATION

EDM fume extractors

EDM Machines generate fumes and smoke as the oil in