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Kitchen Fumes - Dry scrubber

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Dry scrubbers capture the kitchen fumes, oil mist and very fine suspended particles in the kitchen fumes. No continuous pump operation, so very much energy efficient. No need for continuous water supply. No replacements costs of filters, very low pressure drop. Very high efficiency. Odor removal with UV lights also offered as standard accessory.

One of the important requirements of modern Kitchen exhaust systems is that the exhaust to the atmosphere through these systems should be free of any fumes / smoke, suspended particles, odor etc. It should be safe for discharging in the atmosphere.

Filter-On Electrostatic Air Filtration systems / Dry Scrubbers / ESP scrubbers are very well geared up to cater to this challenge effectively. Electrostatic Air filters are ideal for any type of smoke, fumes & mist applications. Filter-On systems are fitted with specially designed baffle type mist eliminators as pre-filters for these systems.

UV Lights arrangement is offered as add-on accessory to control the bad smells / odors etc.

Filter-On systems are modular, thus there is large range of air flow capacities to choose from. Also, because of very low pressure drops these systems (most of the times) can easily be retrofitted in existing systems without any major modifications.

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  • Hotels, Malls
  • Industrial canteens
  • Hospitals
  • Hostels
  • IT & Software industries

Kitchen Fumes - Dry scrubber APPLICATION

Kitchen Fumes - Dry scrubber

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