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Welding Rotators & SPMs

When there are a number of welding stations in the layout like typical set ups of auto components industries, FILTER-ON offers Centralized Fume Extraction system which can be connected to a number of welding stations. The system has blower-motor assembly and Electrostatic Air filtration system of required capacity along with the ducting to connect the system to individual weld stations.

Generally the systems are placed out of the shop with a rain protection shade.

More suitable where the layouts are relatively stable and most of the weld stations are working at the same time.

Most suitable for auto components welding lines like Silencers, Fuel tanks, Small chassis or its components, Robotic welding lines.

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  • Consumes very less space within the shop
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Can be designed for expanding layouts so as to avoid repeated capital expenditures

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Suitable for – Welding Fumes Extraction for Welding Rotators (Single