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Portable Fume Extractor
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Extracting the fumes from welding operations carried on large size or heavy jobs is challenging for two reasons –

  1. The welding points are spread over large area. So, covering the welding points for effective capture with large suction hood becomes difficult.

  2. Most of the times heavy jobs are handled by overhead cranes. In such situation overhead canopy type suctions hoods are not possible.

For larger and heavy jobs, FILTER-ON offers portable fume extractor with self-standing suction arm. The welder can pull the fume extractor at suitable location. Then the suction hood of the self-standing arm is adjusted in such a way that it is at a distance of @8”-10” distance from the actual welding point. To weld at other point, the arm can be easily re-adjusted and welding can be completed.

This is very versatile equipment and can be used almost of any welding operation. Flexible self-standing suction arm makes it very convenient for the welder to place it near to operation so that all the fumes are captured effectively ensuring healthy working condition.

The fumes captured by the hood travel into the fume extractor. These fumes are filtered by high efficiency Electrostatic Filters and Clean air is discharged within the same environment.


Benefits –

  1. No replacement of filters needed – cost saving. This is the Biggest Advantage. It has Electrostatic Type Filters which can be cleaned / washed and reused for years together. Very small cost for pre-filters replacement once in 2-3 years. Main filters last for @10-15 years easily.

  2. At source capture of fumes provides best Protection to Operator against Hazardous Welding Fumes.

  3. Flexible & Portable – Just pull the unit to location, place the hood near welding point and start!

  4. Can be adopted for any welding operation – Can work with same effectiveness on Different size jobs, material handling, different working conditions.

  5. Plug and play type unit – no installation as such needed. Just give the electric supply and Start!

  6. Helps in environmental compliance.

Large scale fabrication specialists of the industry like L&T, ALSTOM, SULZER INDIA, WEIR-BDK VALVES etc. have been few of our esteemed clients using these portable units as effective tools to protect their operators and eliminate Welding Fumes from their facilities.


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Portable Fume Extractor

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