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Centralized Welding Fumes Extraction Systems
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Auto components industry & Fabrication industry always faces a daunting task of maintaining safe indoor air quality on the shop floor. In absence of Fumes Extraction systems, the shop floor environment is full of welding fumes & smoke and poses a great health risk for the people working there. It also significantly affects operational productivity.

To overcome this situation, industries has experimented with different types of systems like providing wind ventilators, providing overhead ducting with openings and a blower, providing exhaust fans etc.

However, in absence of proper Engineering Approach towards Fumes Extraction, many times these systems prove to be ineffective in achieving the very purpose.

A systematic approach can save a lot of time, money and can achieve much better results. Following approaches can be practiced –

Extraction of Fumes as near to source as possible – Here placement of suction hoods and enclosure design plays very important role. When the extraction is near to source, maximum fumes will get extracted at much lower air flow. This can drastically reduce size of extraction system, its power consumption as well as overall costs. So, the mantra is Nearer the Better!

Proper Ducting Design – Appropriate conveying velocity, Pressure drop calculations & best practices about fittings like elbows, Y Joints etc. need to be considered. Many times, these aspects are conveniently overlooked or just some thumb rule calculations are done. And then the system does not produce required air flow even if powerful blower is provided.

Also making proper layout to reduce the distance as well as minimize bends is very much essential.

Choice of Correct Filters – Filtration Efficiency with respect to micron size, output air quality requirements and suitability of filter for the same, pressure drop across filter, life of filter, cost of replacement of filters etc. need to be considered. The filters should be selected with future provisions in mind as environmental standards keep on getting more and more stringent. So, the filter type just doing its job fine today may become obsolete tomorrow and the whole system may need re-engineering with new investment.

Blower / Fan – The blower type (backward curved /forward curved), its drive (direct/V belt/coupled), its RPM, sound level, performance curve, operating point consistent with requirement of system need to be checked and selected accordingly. Electrical controls (Starters / VFD) etc. as per application demand needs to be incorporated.

Balancing of all the above parameters and testing of each in manufacturing / installation / trial run stage would avoid lot of losses.

Filteron has been successfully executing Centralized fumes extraction systems since last more than 15 years for Welding Fumes Extraction at reputed clients like Bajaj Auto, Cosma International, Faurecia Automotive Seating, Cummins Exhaust (Nelson), Hero Motocorp, TI Metal Sections, Tenneco Automotive, Rucha Engineering, Endress + Hauser, Ador Welding and many more.  

centralisedfumesextractor system

centralisedfumesextractor system

centralisedfumesextractor system


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