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Welding Fumes

FilterON has one of the most diverse range of products specially ...

Solder Fumes Extractor

This unit consists of a fan & electrostatic filter with Aluminium semi-rigid pipe for ...

Coolant Oil Mist n Fumes

Oil Mist & Fumes Collectors for CNC Cutting, Grinding, Gear Cutting, Hobbing, Thread grinding, ...

Electrostatic Air Filtration

Common problem faced in Conventional HVAC systems

Kitchen Fumes - Dry scrubber

Dry scrubbers capture the kitchen fumes, oil mist&...

Plasma Cutting Fumes

Plasma cutting generates very dense fumes and in huge quantity. Thus ...

EDM fume extractors

EDM Machines generate fumes and smoke as the oil in the oil bath burns ...

Laser Marking Fumes Extractor

Dry grinding

Heat Treatment Fumes

Oil Spraying

Vacuum Pump Exhaust oil mist filtration