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One unit can gather smoke / fumes from 2/3 welding stations

Solder Fume Extractor Systems

This equipment will be connected to the cabinet by two pipes of Dia 4” each in case of manual soldering.

Oil Mist Collector Systems

FILTER-ON M-03 Models of ESP type Air Filters find best application.

Electrostatic Air Filters in Clean Room HVAC systems

Present users of conventional clean room HVAC systems invariably face the following limitations.

Plant Intake Air Filtration / Process Air Filtration

Air filtration in dust proofing systems for control rooms, larges control panels etc

Dry Scrubbers (ESP) for Kitchen Fumes Filtration

Filter-On Electrostatic Air Filtration systems are very well geared up to cater to this challenge effectively
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FILTER-ON India Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company established in 1983. We mainly provide solutions for improvement of Indoor Air Quality in industrial environments & shop floors for safeguarding the health of people working in those areas. We provide Fume Extraction Systems and Air Filtration systems for various areas in typical manufacturing set ups as per following

» Welding Fumes Extraction Systems
» Oil Mist Collector systems
» Solder Fume Extractors
» Electrostatic Air Filtration systems for Clean rooms
» Kitchen Fume Filtration systems ( ESP dry scrubbers)
» Plant intake or Process intake air filtration systems

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